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NO Resumes

You don't have to send your resume to multiple employers and wait for responses that may never come.

NO Letters

You don't have to worry about writing compelling cover letters anymore.

NO Hassle

No more spending hours searching through multiple job boards for your dream job.

NO Worries

No more wondering whether your application has been viewed or trashed.

Build your career or take it to the next level

Whether you're looking for your first job, are in between jobs, or looking for a better opportunity, Vaurse talent is the platform for you with amazing benefits and features.

Employers apply to you

Employers send you interview requests. Decide which ones to accept or decline. You are now the boss.

See employers viewing your profile

Know which employers are viewing your profile, favorited it, or shortlisted it in real-time.

Get matched with jobs that fit your skills

When employers post jobs, you get matched with those that fit your skill set and what you're looking for.

Know how your profile ranks with others

See how your profile ranks relative to the other candidates you're competing with for a role and gain insights to improve your profile.

Receive requests and suggestions

Employers can send you requests to be completed for a role or suggestions to improve your profile.

Boost your profile with recommendations

Invite your colleagues or past employers to leave recommendations on your profile for employers to see.

Engage with employers on the go

Get notified via email and text when you receive messages from employers and easily respond.

Easily share your profile with anyone

Employers don't have to sign up to view your profile. They can contact you directly from your profile.

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Showcase your portfolio

Easily add your works or projects directly to your profile for employers to see.

Take skills assessment tests

Show off your skills by taking a skill assessment and a behavioral assessment to showcase your personality and cognitive ability.

Get your questions answered

Post your questions in the forum area to get them answered by other candidates.

Participate in Events

Check out which companies have any upcoming events, fairs, etc., and easily apply to partake in them.

Get info about an employer

Whether you want to learn about an employer or check out the benefits they offer, you can find that information quickly and easily.

Set your availability

Let employers know when you are available for an interview by scheduling your availability on your calendar.

Read and sign documents

Easily sign contracts, agreements, or any other documents sent to you by employers digitally, right from your dashboard.

Refer your friends

Refer your friends looking for jobs and earn cash rewards anytime they get hired for a job or spend or earn on Vaurse talent.

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All Candidate types and levels

We cater to all types and levels of candidates, so you are never left out. Whether you are at the peak of your career or are just beginning, you will get a job that best fits your candidate level.

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Senior Level

Candidates that make up the top 1%


Candidates that make up the other top 10%

Junior Level

Candidates that fall outside the other top 10%

Entry Level

Candidates who are just starting their career path.

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Find a co-founder or an exciting opportunity

Vaurse talent is also built for innovators and entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas.


Whether you have an idea looking for a co-founder or looking to join a startup as a co-founder, Vaurse talent provides you an easy way to connect.

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Submit your startup and product ideas and receive votes and feedback from professionals and potential customers.

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Join groups that match your interests and connect with like-minded professionals to work together towards a common goal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions you might have about Vaurse talent. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Is Vaurse talent Free?

Yes, it's free to sign up and use, but an optional upgrade will give you access to more features and benefits.

With Vaurse talent, you don't have to look for jobs, apply to jobs, or wonder whether your resume or profile has been viewed or trashed. Employers apply to you instead of the other way round. And you can see employer activity in real-time. You can also find co-founders and opportunities you can take advantage of.

Candidate level is determined by factors like your experience, skills, achievements/honors, portfolio, employers you've worked for, score of skills, and aptitude assessments. Entry-level candidates are new entrants who are now starting their career path.

What happens if my profile doesn't get approved?

We will contact you with suggestions and recommendations to improve your profile. Once you implement the suggestions, you can re-submit your profile for another review.

No, we don't have a browse job feature on our platform. Occasionally, you will get matched to jobs that suit your profile. If you are interested, just click a button informing the employer you are interested in that position.

When you get hired, do well to update your profile with the new hire. If you are a Top or Mid-level candidate, you will receive a signup bonus before starting your new job.

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